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January 11, 2013

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   The nexuses of water with conservation, agriculture, ethics, urbanity, energy, sustainability, and economics presents areas of inquiry that more and more companies are starting to pay attention to. Some connections are intuitive, but there are many facets of each nexus that are less understood because of the multidisciplinary nature of water’s critical role in the seven nexuses. The water industry has long been of interest to the engineering community, but while government regulators and businesses certainly participate in the planning and management of water/wastewater, the crossover into other water-intensive industries remains underexplored.

Participants will learn about water-related problems and solutions in the vast multitude of industries. Whether one’s interest is the law, economics, social sciences, or environmental policy, water presents a wide range of issues that will become of increasing concern in the future. At the university, the water nexuses are also particularly relevant to student preparation as it is envisioned that a focus on the nexuses of water with conservation, agriculture, food/health/sustainability, urban planning, energy, economics, and ethics will position students for career opportunities upon graduation. This Nexus Summit also offers an opportunity to showcase academia’s and industry’s forward-thinking leadership in issues faced in the world. And with the diversity that exists at Northeastern Illinois University, the Nexus Summit is well-positioned to bring together a diversity of ideas.

Thus, the objectives of NEXUS 2013: International Water Nexus Summit are: 1) to showcase current research in water; and 2) to introduce and allow students to understand, research and analyze trends, challenges, and opportunities in water’s critical role in the seven domains. The domains will provide seven strands (i.e., streams) of the Conference.

Presented by:
Office of International Programs March 6 – 7, 2013
Location: Alumni Hall, Northeastern Illinois University (
5500 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60625, USA)
Open, Free Admission